iCloud Drive now supported for web, desktop and mobile access

Please note that since June 2017 the iCloud connector has been deprecated and the File Fabric no longer supports it

Since Apple updated their iCloud Provider some users were unable to use our iCloud connector as it did not work with users who had converted their account to iCloud Drive.

Today we have resolved this issues by updating the Connector for iCloud that supports the Apple Drive functionality.

To use the iCloud Drive Connector simply visit the Cloud DashBoard after web login and add the connector:


Then follow the wizard which will result in iCloud Drive being added to your account:



Once it is added all files are available from the SME Web File Manager as well as the desktop and mobile Apps.



If you are business SaaS user or on-premise user and want to use and iCloud Drive account you should contact your Administrator and ask him to give permission for it to be added as a ‘private cloud’.


The iCloud Drive connector currently does not work if 2-factor authentication is turned on for the iCloud Account.

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