If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery then Egnyte we are flattered !

Here at Storage Made Easy we have been touting the benefits of not selling YASS (Yet another storage Silo) and providing an ‘Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric’ with a single control point / pane of glass for all files within a company for several years now, something that Egnyte cottoned onto and attempted to move its focus to only recently.

This strategy and product focus is the reason SME has connectors to over 50 storage clouds and why we have focused on letting companies install our entire EFSS stack on-premise, on IAAS or in their own data centre.

It would seem that Egnyte have now decided that the Storage Made Easy product strategy was right all the long and are moving their focus to trying to provide “a single pane of glass” for all files. I wonder where they got that from !

It couldn’t be from constantly trawling our site could it guys ?

Egnyte Storage Made Easy Egnyte SME

No, nothing like that I am sure.

The pane of glass was a marketing concept for what SME provides way back in 2012 and then we started to use it as an analogy with analysts as it was an easy to understand metaphor for how we expose the unified file access from several providers. I guess Egnyte agree !

Egnyte also announced their ‘extend file services’ for Google Drive……erm….we’ve been doing that a long time, and not just for Google Drive but for other enterprise data stores that companies will have, such as SharePoint, Amazon S3 etc.

It may be new for your customers Egnyte but our customers have been able to enjoy the benefits of joined up access and extended security for a long time now, for all their enterprise data.

Google Drive Extend

Fig 1: Unified view of a companies files

Google Drive Extend Permissions

Fig 2: Permissions Management for Company Clouds


Seriously, next time guys, just call, we are a friendly bunch, really we are, and we’d be happy to share some of our thought leadership with you.

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