Introducing our new podcast: The Enterprise Storage Podcast by Storage Made Easy

We are very excited to announce The Enterprise Storage Podcast is now live!

We are living in a data world, overwhelming and sometimes confusing. Making company’s data easily accessible, wherever it may be stored, is our main claim. Through this podcast you will learn the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts, the tips and tricks to make data management easy.

Our inaugural podcast is part of the Storage Master Series, where industry leaders will join Storage Made Easy CEO Jim Liddle and discuss the latest trends on Enterprise Storage.

The first episode focuses on file, block and object storage, with guest speaker and first “Storage Master” Neil Stobart, VP Global Systems Engineering, from Cloudian, which provides an Enterprise S3 compatible Object Storage solution.

The episode focuses on what object storage is, what is it useful for and what are companies using it for.

You can listen to it here:

The Enterprise Storage Podcast is also available on all major podcast platforms, including:

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