Introducing two-factor file sharing for any storage with Twilio

Two Factor File SharingThis post is about a file sharing compliance feature that we are referring to as two-factor file sharing.

The way this works is as follows:

Firstly there is a new section in the App Integrations tab to add a Twilio account. This has to be done by an end user if a free or personal account, or by the Admin if a team account.

Twilio file sharing


Note that to use this with Twilio you will need a Twilio account that has a phone number associated with it and that can use the Twilio SMS service. If you wish to simply test this then you can setup a trial account with Twilio, obtain a phone number for free, as part of the trial, and send numbers back from this test number to your mobile number only.

Once this is done then there is an additional option available when choosing to share a file with a password:

Two Factor file sharing

Users sharing can enter  a number in an internationalised format (minus the initial ’00’) and this will facilitate the end user being delivered the file sharing link via email but the password using SMS.

secure file sharing

SMS File Share


In addition, as with any file event, files shared this way are logged in the Audit log for compliance:

File Event logs

Two Factor File Sharing is a simple but powerful feature that works with any of the 60+ private and public storage connectors that the File Fabric supports and can be embraced as part of a file governance zone that should be a pre-requisite for any company concerned about file security.

If this is something of interest to you then please contact us.

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