Live Mesh Issue: Live Desktop could not connect. Please try refreshing the page.

We’ve had reports from some users that they have problems when re-syncing their account with Live Mesh. It seems, yet again, that Live Mesh, has problems with connections, and it seems to affect some users and not others.

When connecting to Live Mesh direct some users find they cannot access Live Mesh at all through their web browser and get the message “Live Dekstop could not connect. Please try refreshing your browser.” as per the graphic below.

In this situation don’t try and resync your SMEStorage account with Mesh. You’ll still be able to access your Mesh files via SMEStorage and you should still be able to upload files.

Mesh is still a beta (very beta..) cloud and  as such is still prone to these glitches. The web is full of comments on this unfortunately.


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