Media Focus: Validating Media Asset Integrity

Media AssetsOrganizations working with media assets often have a requirement to validate a file’s integrity.

Whether it is to detect if any corruption has occurred, through to establishing the security of a file transfer or  ensuring that a file is fully formed, the Enterprise File Fabric  is equipped to easily deal with media asset validation integrity.

Once a file has been discovered or uploaded using the File Fabric’s the File Fabric’s Web File Manager shows the MD5 checksum for the media file, directly against the asset.

There is no need to do the round trip of downloading  the asset to validate the checksum.

What’s more is this will work regardless of whether the storage being used is Amazon S3, or S3-compatible such as Cloudian and Scality or even a storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or with fast Tier 1 storage such as StorNext.

Check our our prior blog post on validating file integrity to find out more.

This post is part of our blog-series in the lead up to IBC2019 – If you’re meeting us, we’re at Stand B.38F Hall 8.

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