Media Gallery feature Revision 2

In a prior blog post we wrote about a new media gallery feature. The media gallery is a new layout feature in our web file manager for images / pictures and photos. It makes viewing such media assets easier and more interactive.

This revision adds support for new image formats including:

 art avs, bmp, cut, dcx, dib, dpx, fax, gif, graya, jbig, jbg, bie, jng, jp2, jpc, j2c, jpg, jpeg, miff, mif, mng, mvg, otb, p7, palm, pam, pbm, pcd, pcds, pcx, pdb, pgm, picon, pict, png, pnm, ppm, psd, psb, ptif, ras, rad, rla, sfw, sgi, sun, svg, tga, tif, tiff, Tim, vicar, wbmp, wpg, xbm, xcf, xpm,, xwd, cr2, nef.

In this iteration the sharing functionality has also been enabled. so that the image gallery is now fully functional when in this view:

Media Asset Image Gallery

In the next, and final, revision three iteration we will be focusing on supporting video thumbnails and and general performance improvements.





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