Multi-Cloud Document Collaboration with Secure Shared Links

While the Enterprise File Fabric’s shared team folders are great for organizations collaborating on files within their company, what happens when users want to be able to quickly share documents in a secure manner with people from other organizations?

That’s where the File Fabric Secure File and Folder link sharing comes in. No longer do companies need to leverage other services outside of their own environment for sharing, nor do you need to open up access directly to your storage.

In the past, when organizations needed to share key documents with vendors, partners or even clients in an easy manner, they would be forced to turn to internet based file sharing services. Download this file or folder off your corporate NAS, upload it to this cloud service provider and share the link from their service. That was the old way to do it, the Enterprise File Fabric is the modern and secure way to achieve the same end results. All with much better control, security and ability to audit.

With the File Fabric deployed either on-premises, within your datacenter, or on IaaS infrastructure such as EC2 or Azure the users of a companies various storage systems can easily create secure shared links. These ssl encrypted urls are web links that will provide secure access to files/folders, and remember these links can work against any of the various storage repositories a company has such as on-premises Windows Filers ,NAS/SAN etc in addition to on-cloud object storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Azure,  etc.

An administrator of the environment can set additional policies to do things such as require passwords, set default expiration times for the links, limit the maximum number of times it can be downloaded and/or require additional identifiable information about who with or why that link is being shared.

link sharing settings box

There are also additional security mechanism in which, for example, enables the password to a shared link that is shared by email to be sent using SMS. This something we call two-factor file sharing.

Also there are plugin’s for best of breed email systems, such as Microsoft Outlook and Mac Mail, to ensure they are easily accessible from corporate productivity work Apps.

Information on shared links is stored in the File Audit log, so a security team can review who created those shared links, and see what were the times and IP addresses of the people who accessed those links.

In addition, the pdf watermarking tool can provide additional layers of security by imprinting a unique watermark on each pdf that has been shared out.


watermarked PDF

All this is true for folders as well. Specific folders can easily be shared with external clients or partners as a web link. As with files, create a shared link for that folder, choose a password, share it out, and users will be able to pull up a webpage and see a company branded File Fabric environment, and a folder full of their documents. All read and updated from a companies existing internal or on-cloud storage repositories!

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Eric Toczek

Director of Sales Engineering at Storage Made Easy
Eric is responsible for technical presales activities at Storage Made Easy.