My Favourite Feature: Cloud Drive Access

Cloud DriveOne of the great things about cloud storage is that you can get to your files from just about anywhere. Storage Made Easy provides several different ways to access your data from any device; Cloud Drive is my favourite.

My name is Dan. I have only been working at Storage Made Easy for a few months, but I have been a Storage Made Easy user for years.

I run a small consulting business, and I use the Storage Made Easy Cloud Drive to access my company data from my Windows and Linux machines in my office, and from the MacBook I use when I am at a client site, and of course, because it is Storage Made Easy, my Cloud Drive contains all of my directories from all of the cloud storage services I use in one unified virtual file system.

There are a couple of things about Cloud Drive that I like a lot. One is that I don’t have to keep copies of my data on all of the machines I use for work. Cloud Drive shows me the files in my cloud directories as if they were on whatever machine I am using, but it only pulls each file down from the cloud when I need it, and it pushes the file back to the cloud as soon as I save it. This means that I don’t chew up a lot of disk space with copies of my business data, and I don’t waste network capacity syncing files I don’t need between my machine and the cloud.

The other thing I love about Cloud Drive is that it looks just like a native drive to all of the programs on my machines. With Cloud Drive all of my applications work with my cloud files as if the files were local, and the applications never know the difference.

I noticed that Drop Box introduced a feature last week that sounds a lot like Cloud Drive (but for Drop Box only, of course). I wonder what took them so long!

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