My Favourite Feature: Copy and move files between clouds

My name is Ana de Jorge and I am the Business Development Director for Storage Made Easy. From my point of view, one of the most competitive features from Storage Made Easy solution is the fact that you can copy and move files between any cloud storage providers.

We currently support more than 50 public and private services and storage providers, such as OpenStack, Amazon S3, Cloudian, SwiftStack, SoftLayer, Caringo, Scality, Red Hat Ceph, Cleversafe and others.

In the following video, my colleague Eni shows how you can easily copy files from one cloud to another using the Storage Made Easy web file manager.

As you can see, this feature is a very simple way to move or copy files about between disparate systems.

The same idea also works, in case we need to upload files from our desktop (Mac, Windows or Linux) to any cloud provider. As we can see on the following gif, we only need to drag and drop the file we need to our folder. It is very simple to do.

Drag and Drop

SME provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync Fabric that ensures an evolved cloud experience to all cloud storage users.

Customers use SME for security, encryption, audit, and control as well as to provide a data unification platform. They can manage corporate collaboration and file sharing for unified control of enterprise assets.

In summary, the SME feature to move or copy data between clouds, brings companies the possibility of adapting SME to their own cloud storage solution, offering an easy and simple way of controlling and auditing every data movement.

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