My Favourite Feature: Zoho Web Editing & Preview Documents

Hi, my name is Antoine and I am working in the sales department for Storage Made Easy. One of my tasks is to generate leads. In order to follow up our prospects, I gather all the information that I get during this process on an excel spread sheet. My favourite feature that aids me in doing this is editing documents through SME file manager, which integrates the Zoho office web editor.

Rather than having to download the excel sheet to the desktop just to make some small changes and then re-upload it, I can open the document on the web editor and save it back directly to the cloud. This feature differs from CloudEdit as the document is opened on the web rather than on your desktop.

Checking the content of the spread sheets are also made easy through the use of the preview documents feature. Thanks to this feature, the Sales Director can quickly check the new leads, before adding them to our CRM, as its content can be viewed without having to open the document on the desktop.

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