New – Edit your documents with Microsoft Office Online and the File Fabric

Sometimes, editing documents can be a pain. Your colleague might ask you to add something to a document, but to edit it, you need to download it, open it, edit the document, save it, re-upload it. You then might have the email exchange of why it won’t open on their machine but it  does open fine on yours. It’s a hassle. But there is an easier way.

The Storage Made Easy File Fabric have teamed up with Microsoft Office 365 to bring a valuable new feature to the File Fabric, which enables you to edit documents online through the File Fabric, using Microsoft Office online  tools. This means that, you can edit files directly in the file fabric, using your favourite programmes, such as Word or Excel, from almost any cloud storage (the File Fabric support over 60 !).

You can even collaborate on documents at the same time, using the new Office Online feature, meaning you will be able to see real-time updates to documents when you have them open.

To be able to use this new feature on the File Fabric, you must have a valid Office 365 subscription.

Check out this video below.

Don’t have access to the File Fabric yet? Why not click here to find out more.

Sign-up for Office 365 here 
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