New Firefox plug-in update for SME(Supports S3, Mosso and

THe Firefox plug-in for SMEStorage that is part of the FireUPloader product has been updated.

It now has support for Groups and shared content:


To create a new group click into groups and choose the create new folder icon which will not be used to create a group.

It also now supports encryption:


and also supports file filtering:



To access the Filter icon within the Firefox plug-in you need to be at the root folder. When content is filtered you will see “isfiltered” in the path bar.

And of course you can also choose to fileshare any of your files stored on SMEStorage directly within the plug-in by right clicking on the file and choosing “Send to”.


You can download the new plug-in here.

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  1. Wow! Encryption; nicely done! The inclusion of, SMEStorage and Mosso is a terrific feature for this add-on. I am still a little confused about how SMEStorage would work with this if you set it up with multiple clouds?

  2. You get a virtual file system in which you see all cloud providers that you are using in one file system. You can also setup primary and backup clouds to ensure you have data availability if one of your clouds has an outage.

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