New site features

We’ve made some upgrades to the site over the last week or so. The first change was upgrading the way that we deal with Tags. You will notice a new Tag Explorer that has much more features and is integrated into the site so that you can easily add existing tags to files:



We’ve also added search as a dedicated tab within the File Manager. You can also save your searches for future use:


We’e also tidied the file manager, and made some other small changes to the interface.

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  1. Nice feature. You should link out to any real-use reviews of SMEStorage. Pros and cons. I especially would like to see a feature-by-feature comparison to Jungle Disk and CloudBerry. Mostly all I can find are rehashed press releases.

  2. We’ve been operating in stealth mode for a while but we are going to have a big push towards the end of this year so I hope this will lead to reviews such as what you describe

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