Offering European Enterprises Flexible Scaling and the Highest GDPR Data Security: Storage Made Easy joins the circle partner program of Open Telekom Cloud, the public cloud solution of Deutsche Telekom AG.

For more than two decades now, T-Systems have been providing digital services to support cloud and infrastructure transformation and application modernization for enterprises, all done with the highest standard of security. Storage Made Easy, with our Enterprise File Fabric solution, have now partnered with Open Telekom Cloud S3 storage and Elastic Compute to offer a fast, secure and compliant solution for the hybrid work environment.

The Enterprise File Fabric support of Open Telekom Cloud brings a set of key benefits to the table for European enterprises looking for a global, secure file system for remote and hybrid data workflows. Here are the top 3 advantages that the EFF and Open Telekom Cloud synergy provides:

1. Data protection in accordance with the most stringent EU requirements.

Without transferring data to third countries, data processed and stored in Open Telekom Cloud never leaves Europe, so it offers an already existing European data sovereignty and the greatest possible security.

On the one hand, the Open Telekom Cloud fulfils the conditions to be GAIA-X ready. Also, independent certifications prove native GDPR compliance and conformity, even under the stricter data protection requirements of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) “Schrems II“ ruling.

With the obligation to maintain social service data secrecy in accordance with Section 35, SGB I, the Open Telekom Cloud also facilitates the secure storage of social service data as well as the processing of personal data regarding to professional secret holders under 203 StGB.

For its part, the Enterprise File Fabric enforces remote working compliance. Remote working or working on the move can often be the weak point of document compliance but the File Fabric apps and best-of-breed integrations mean that end user workflows remain the same and policy and compliance enforcement is unchanged.

2. Unified data through a global, secure file system for file and object storage.

Through the Enterprise File Fabric, companies can achieve a secure content management solution that encompasses existing On-Premises files and/or On-Cloud files stored in Open Telekom Cloud. It unifies files in disparate storage platforms to provide a single cohesive way for people to securely work and collaborate. Existing files are not moved or transferred, instead the File Fabric indexes existing data and caches this metadata to facilitate secure access.

3. Secure collaboration for hybrid data.

Open Telekom Cloud can provide a combination of private and public hybrid clouds. The Enterprise File Fabric adds advanced secure file sharing features for hybrid clouds and on-premises data.

These features include time expiry, password protection, restricted download access, and promoting named link sharing policy, whereby users are required to outline why they created a shared link. Data can be transparently encrypted using the built-in FIPS certified encryption. ‘Smart data indexing’ provides the basis for intelligent content discovery and file policy enforcement whilst promoting collaboration and user productivity across data silos.

For more information about Open Telekom Cloud and the Enterprise File Fabric read here.

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