OpenStack Swift 1.8 (Grizzly) Linode Instance now available


Version 1.8 of OpenStack,also known as Grizzly, is now available for use on Linode with the Storage Made Easy Cloud File Server. What we provide is a pre-configured instance of OpenStack Swift in combination with the Storage Made Easy Cloud File Server to enable companies to easily start storing and sharing files on OpenStack. It is also an ideal environment for companies to trial the use of OpenStack and Storage Made Easy as well as for ISP’s to quickly to get to grips with how they could implement OpenStack as a corporate or personal file sharing and collaboration platform.

Storage Made Easy has been a member of the OpenStack foundation since the very early days of launch and we continue to provide support and compatibility with OpenStack Swift releases.

If you are interested in a pre-configured hosted version of OpenStack Swift in combination with the features that SME provides then please contact us.

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