Organisation Cloud Updates

We have changed some of the default options for our Organisation Cloud offering. The changes are:

– We now expose the bandwidth so that you can monitor and bill individual or departmental use within your Organisation. This is also exposed in our API for integration with billing and chargeback systems.

– We have  now made the Organisation file usage logs filterable and available for export in .csv and .xls format

– We’ve made default the option for users to be added manually rather than requiring an email activation

– We’ve made default the option for folders to be converted into Organisation public folders. You can do this from the Rich Cloud File Manager and highlighting the folder and clicking on the “rename” icon. You will notice a new option, “convert to Org folder”. User permissions can then be set on these folders as normal.

– We’ve added the ability for the Organisation Admin to force encryption for all files with a key of the Admin’s choosing.

Future updates:

The next major update will involve the ability to integrate Activity Directory (AD) domains, LDAP  and OpenID integration.

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