Firefox plug-in (beta) for SME

We have been working with Rahul Jonna author of the GSpace Firefox extension. He has used our REST API to add SMEStorage access to his Fireuploader product. You can access a beta here. The final version will be released soon and will be available from a link on the SMEStorage website.

To install just drag the file onto Firefox. You will then see that Fireuploader is accessible from your Firefox tools menu. To login choose SMEStorage and manage accounts and enter your username and password. If your session expires at any point just choose ‘manage accounts’ and the close and you will be re-logged in.

FireUploader provides a very clean and easy way for you to upload and manage files for SMEStorage.


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New SME beta features

We have added some more features to SMEStorage.  If you now click on an image file, MP3 file, or any Microsoft office file, you will be asked if you want to view/edit the file.  This means that you can listen to MP3’s inline, and also view pictures inline in the browser. Office files can be opened to view and edit via online office.

We will be adding more features soon, including, the support for groups, so keep checking back.

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New beta features for SME Cloud Platform

We are gradually going to be introducing some new beta features to SMEStorage. The first is the ability to play inline MP3’s using the embedded Yahoo Media player. We have currently enabled this for the HTML file browser – Ajax to follow. It seems this has already been picked up on – see the video post to our video sharing site below:

So what else can you expect ? The ability to view pictures inline, the ability to post directl to Flickr, and we are also looking at being able to view documents etc inline. Stay tuned, more soon !

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