S3 Drive Brings S3 Compatible Storage to the Windows Desktop

drive Amazon S3Object storage gives the enterprise reliable, low-cost storage of essentially unlimited capacity, providing the perfect platform for big data sets, media stores and other high volume use cases.  On its own, though, object storage is a poor fit for end-user use cases such as home directories and departmental shares because it doesn’t integrate with the Windows file system.

To make object storage work for Windows users we created the S3 Drive, a robust, scalable desktop app that turns any S3-compatible storage into a fully functional Windows 7, 8 or 10 filesystem.  You can access the S3 Drive from the Windows command line, from any Windows application and through Windows Explorer just like any other drive on your Windows machine.   Standard Windows features such as copy-paste and drag-and-drop are supported.

We developed our S3 Drive to handle deep directory trees and large numbers of files.  The S3 Drive is also easy to install and require minimal configuration: just provide the storage endpoint and account credentials and the drive is ready to use.

The Storage Made Easy Windows S3 Drive is available free for evaluation. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.

The S3 Drive is also available for volume purchases by enterprise customers. For more information contact Storage Made Easy Enterprise Sales at sales@storagemadeeasy.com

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Dan is COO at Storage Made Easy. He has been working with the founders since the company was launched.