Sharing secure trackable file links for any Cloud Storage from Airmail, Outlook and other Mac email Apps

Storage Made Easy provides a plugin for Mac Mail in which you are able to create and share secure trackable links to files instead of file attachments (the same feature is also available for Microsoft Outlook on Windows).

Mac Mail secure email links

But what if you are not using Mac Mail ? You may be using AirMail, Outlook or one of the other myriad of Mac email Apps.

For those of you who have users using other email Apps SME has made it easy for users to take advantage of secure links.

Lets take a quick look at how this works when using the popular Mac AirMail App.

First lets start a new email:

AirMail secure links

Note that we have chosen the SME Menu Bar Item to launch one of the SME Menu Bar Apps:

Mac Cloud File Browser

This brings up the Cloud File Browser where we can either upload a file from the desktop to obtain a link or choose a file from one of the cloud data stores that already exists.

Secure Share office365 Mac

Here we have chosen an Office365 file. Notice that there is no preset company file sharing policy so if we wished to then we could decide to set a link expiry, password etc ourselves. We will however just choose to share ‘as is’.

Mac secure file link sharing

This generates a file link that is copied to the clipboard.

It is then simple to copy that file link directly into the email.

Secure file sharing Mac

That is it, done. The whole process takes seconds and easily accessible from the Mac Menu bar so easily fits into a users workflow when working with any email client other than Mac Mail (which already has the plugin).

From a  user perspective this make sending small or large files easy and quick and from an IT perspective the links are trackable and audible from a corporate governance / compliance perspective so it is a win-win !

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