SME iOS Cloud File File Manager app now with Touch-ID, Document Provider & Share extensions

The latest iOS SME client app version 3.13 released on the 25th March has been updated with very useful new features, following is a list of some of the main ones:

— Document Provider —

The new Document Provider feature makes SME Cloud available to other 3rd party apps giving easy access to your SME files.

For example, you can now import a file from a mapped SME Cloud into dropbox as follows:


Another useful example is attaching an SME Cloud file to a OneNote page.

From inside OneNote tap anywhere on a page to bring up a keyboard, on the top of the keyboard you should see a command bar with a paperclip ( if you dont see it, drag the command bar to the left as the paperclip might be hidden ), tap the paperclip, choose SME as your location and browse for the file you want to attach:


The same way that you can import files from clouds mapped to SME, you can also export to it.
For example, you can upload a photo from your Camera Roll to a SME mapped Cloud using Readdle Documents and the new SME Document Provider extension feature:


— Touch-ID —

If your device supports it, you can now use fingerprint based Touch ID authentication for unlocking the app when it moves to the foreground. This is an alternative to typing a PIN number when the padlock is locked.

— Share Extension —

You can now share bookmark links directly to a chosen Cloud in your SME account. You can select a SME destination folder and tags to attach to the link before posting.

This is very useful for example for storing and organizing Safari bookmarks as follows:


— Audit logging —

For business accounts and enterprise on-premise installations all the actions taken through the new extension features are fully logged to the Audit Manager

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