SME now gives 5GB free on sign up + 3 free additional Clouds

One of the questions we are always being asked is “Can we have more for free”.

Well, as they say, we all have to pay the bills, but we’re happy to oblige.

We’ve upped the storage limit for users who sign up from the web to a whopping 5GB, from 2GB. If you are an existing user who signed up for the 2GB plan, don’t worry, we converted you to the new plan. We also made the increased to our direct S3 hosting customers.

That is not all, We’ve also upped the free Clouds you get on sign up from 2 to 3, so now you get the ability to add a 3 additional Clouds to your account. Again all existing customers on the free 2 Cloud package are upgraded to obtain the same benefit.

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