SME now offers 500MB free on Amazon S3 !

Today we increased the amount of free space we give to new users from 250MB to 500MB. This storage space is hosted on the Amazon S3 Cloud. We also retrospectively applied this to all existing accounts! You can choose to get 500MB free solely on Amazon S3 or you can choose to combine this with, RackSpace, or GMail (GDrive) accounts so that you can aggregate the storage space you have and view it from one file system.

If you ever choose to register for a premium account you can access up to 10 storage clouds from one Virtual Cloud File Systems (VCFS) giving you an amazing amount of aggregated storage.

Also unlike other Cloud companies that deal with data, we’ll let you get your data out anytime you want. You can use our Cloud Exchange to export your data to your own Amazon S3 account should you later get one, or you can export it to over 10 0ther Storage Clouds that we support, including Google Docs, RackSpace, MobileMe, SkyDrive etc.

At SMEStorage we are all about the Data Access, not the storage. Storage is a commodity. It is how you can access it and what you can do with it that counts.

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