Sports Broadcasting: Arsenal F.C. and the Enterprise File Fabric for Media Solution – Case Study

The Enterprise File Fabric for Media is a specialised version of the File Fabric distinctively aimed at companies who deal with large media assets. It enables companies to securely collaborate with large files, wherever they are stored, in a non proprietary fashion, in addition to being able to move files at high speed.

Arsenal F.C., a globally renowned Premier League Football Club, faced several key challenges relating to their digital media assets portfolio:  

  • How could the media team easily and securely distribute digital content globally to other broadcasters, third parties and partners.
  • How to transfer and tier media assets in a fast and effective way.
  • How to secure their existing on-premises storage with enterprise-grade audit and policy controls.


The solution to the challenges faced was to adopt Storage Made Easy File Fabric for Media.  Arsenal F.C.’s existing on-premises and cloud media storage platforms were integrated and mapped into the File Fabric, providing a single pane of glass view to all media assets. 

In addition to providing a single namespace interface, Arsenal F.C.’s media team also utilized the File Fabric’s M-stream® File Transfer Acceleration feature. Editors and other staff are now able to easily move assets between storage tiers and end-users’ desktops. 

Specific use cases include:

  • Compliance and security layers gave the media team at Arsenal F.C. the fidelity, security and control with their existing data assets for a business in which rights’ management is extremely important.
  • Secure Content Distribution: Journalists are also able to benefit from the File Fabric and its ability to share media footage and output to external parties, using security controls such as: time-based access, password authentication, and download limits.
  • Uploading of camera footage from camera devices after football games using the File Fabric for Media M-Stream® feature which enables the accelerated download of data into the editing suite as required.
  • Integration into their existing MAM (Media Asset Manager) platform to offer some of the File Fabric functionalities to users directly within the MAM’s interface. This was easily achievable due to the File Fabric’s rich API. We dedicated a blog post to this specific use case that you can read here.


The Storage Made Easy File Fabric for Media provided 6 main media content management value points for the media team at Arsenal F.C.:

  1. Unified ‘single pane of glass’ access and management of all available data through an easy   to use interface.
  2. Secure collaboration for existing media assets, wherever they may be stored
  3. Easy integration into the existing Media Asset Manager (MAM)
  4. Non-proprietary accelerated upload and download of media assets between storage tiers and end-user / partner desktops.
  5. No ongoing additional bandwidth charges for content transfer.
  6. Improvement of existing internal and external workflows through the easy integration of using the File Fabric API.

For details on how Arsenal Media integrated the File Fabric into their MAM please see here.

To download the PDF version of this case study please click below:

Arsenal Media Case Study

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