Storage Made Easy July 14 Product spotlight: What’s new and what’s coming soon

Getting past the half way point of the year we thought it would be worthwhile highlighting what has been changed or updated in the last few months for Storage Made Easy:

What has changed:

Updated Team Options:

SME Team Options

The team options screen has been updated and broken out into different categories as the options sections has grown over time and navigating it as it was previously was becoming difficult.

Two-Factor Authentication (web)

Cloud Storage Two Factor Auth

Two factor authentication has now been turned on for the web access. When two factor is turned on a code is sent via email to the SME user registered email address and this needs to be entered before web access is granted.

Home Widgets updated

Cloud Storage Portlets

The Home page Widgets have been totally re-designed and re-architected. Previously a third party widget framework was used but now these are all internal and based on JavaScript. They also all now support https. In addition to this there is a developer framework for customers add entry points into their own information systems. We have some customers using this to display top 10 product catalogues for example.

Extended Role Based Options

Cloud Storage Roles

Role Based options have been extended to give more granularity for what actions can be defined for roles created by the Cloud Administrator.

CMIS Cloud Storage Connector Added:

CMIS Connector

CMIS has been added as a new Cloud Connector.

Audit Watch Notifications added

File Audit Watch Notifications

Audit Watch notifications on files can now be set at a folder level, for specific file names, or at a patterns level using wildcards and extensions. Once the Audit watch is triggered the Cloud Administrator is instantly notified over email.

Branding ‘Packagers’ released

EFSS App Branding

App creation branding tools have been released for Enterprise customers to enable complete brand customization of desktop and mobile apps.

Standalone Apps mobile Apps Released

Standalone mobile Apps were released for Android that support WebDav, FTP, and also OpenStack Swift compatible servers. These Apps do not rely on the SME solution at all and work standalone.

Storage Made Easy for Sector Android App released

The SME Cloud File Manager for SECTOR is SME’s Android App integrated with BlackBerry’s Secure Work Space to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
The SECTOR Network is an application ecosystem of popular business apps wrapped with added security features and IT management capabilities to meet the stringent needs of enterprise IT.

Storage Made Easy Android App for Oracle Mobile Security Suite

We released a version of the SME standalone WebDav Xplorer App specifically for the Oracle Mobile Security Suite.

Coming Soon: