Storage Made Easy release new Web Cloud File Manager UI

Today we released our new Web File Manager UI.  We believe it is a significant improvement over our prior File Manager UI in terms of simplicity and ease of use:

Web Cloud File Manager

One of the first things to notice is that the Web File Manager can operate in a single pane. In fact this is its default mode.

However the two pane explorer type mode can still be brought back by clicking the left bar and in fact you can easily choose to operate between the two:

Web File Manager

Also the file manager now has an easy preview mode which can be left open to preview files, or easily opened on demand:

Cloud FIle Manager preview

All the file governance and associate file information is now collated into an easy accessible tab:

File Governance

as are file comments for easily commenting on files from a collaborative perspective:

Collaborative commenting

Search has also been improved to make it easier to search for files across all the clouds mapped to the SME Sync and Share Appliance:

Cross Cloud Sync

and of course files continue to be able to be encrypted prior to the files being stored on remote cloud destinations:

Cloud File Encryption

Also the theme is significantly updated and simplified:

Web Cloud FIle Manager

If you encounter any bugs or issues then please feedback to us at our support email.

For a limited time there is also the ability to access the older file manager from a link at the bottom of the right hand menu once logged in.

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