Supporting CMIS the Content Management Interoperability Standard

One of the 50+ public/private storage connector’s that Storage Made Easy support is a CMIS connector.

CMIS) is an open standard that defines an abstraction layer for controlling diverse document management systems and repositories using web protocols.

Essentially CMIS defines a domain model plus bindings that can be used by applications to manipulate content stored in a repository.

CMIS denies three protocol bindings one using WSDL and SOAP, another using JSON and another using AtomPub. which is the CMIS protocol binding that the Storage Made Easy connector supports.

Many Document Management systems support CMIS including, but not limited to:

OpenText, SAP Hana Cloud Document Service, IBM Filenet, Apache Chemistry, HP Autonomy Interwoven, EMC Documentum, and Sharepoint from Microsoft.

To add a CMIS connector then after web login simply navigate to the the SME web DashBoard and choose to add a new provider:

CMIS Connector


once chosen you will be guided by the wizard as to what is required:

CMIS Details


If you don’t have a CMIS server and want to test this you could always use the public Alfresco Test server – details here.

Remember to choose the AtomPub service document.

Once you have entered the details the CMIS documents will be available from the file manager along with any other storage clouds that have been added to SME.

Federated Multi Cloud


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