Syncing folders to any remote Cloud Storage from a headless Linux server

Headless Linux

Although the File Fabric provides Linux GUI Apps, a frequent request is to be able to sync cloud storage with a Linux Server in headless mode.

This can be achieved with the the  Enterprise File Fabric as follows:

Firstly you would require the DavFS package to be installed.

So, for example in Ubuntu, Debian, Mind, KUbuntu, etc. davfs2 can be installed as follows:

sudo apt-get install davfs2

In Fedora, CentOS, OpneSUSE, etc. davfs2 can be installed by

sudo yum install davfs2

A remote storage folder can be mounted using the File Fabric’s CloudDav, a WebDAV implementation, which exposes a Cloud Storage system over WebDav even if it do not natively support it. This is a feature of the protocol Gateway which is part of the Enterprise File Fabric.

To mount  the remote storage to a local folder:

mount -t davfs ~/YourFolder

If you want to sync files from your File Fabric account to local folder then you can execute the command:

rsync -rutv ~/SME_CloudDAV/ /local/directory/

If you want to sync files from your local folder to the remote storage then execute the command:

rsync -rutv --inplace /local/directory/ ~/SME_CloudDAV/

For more info see the rsync man page.

Once you have this setup you can simply add it to a script and control when it runs using CRON.


This post outlines how the File Fabric can be used to sync folders to Cloud Storage from a headless Linux Server

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