Syncing Text notes with Google Docs on the iPhone

We noticed (see the first comment) a use case in which someone was using SMEStorage recently to sync notes from the iSMEStorage iPhone App. In this case they were syncing notes directly from their back to Google Apps, but this could just as easily have been on Amazon S3, Microsoft Live Mesh or SkyDrive, RackSpace Cloud Files, or any of the other storage clouds we support.

As well as letting you access your files from any cloud in one virtual view, iSMEStorage lets you edit and keep simple memos and notes on your iPhone which are then sync’d back to nominated clouds. Practically these are stored in a folder called “My Memos” on the storage cloud. Any text file added to this directory can be sync’d back to the iPhone and any file created on the iPhone whilst on the move will be sync’d back to the storage cloud.

There are plenty of note taking apps and To Do Apps for the iPhone that are much more sophisticated than what we provide but ultimately we added this feature because we take lots of notes on the move and we didn’t want to have to use proprietary data stores to store the files. We wanted to have then on the cloud we use. In the next revision of the iPhone app we’ll be upgrading this feature so that notes can have categories and adding some other bells and whistles !

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