Storage Made Easy Adds Support for Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric™ platform now supports Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage as a first-class storage provider. It’s been one of our most requested storage providers. Many organizations are already using Backblaze for cloud backup and want other data and workflows to take advantage of low cost cloud storage.

This blog walks through setting up a Backblaze B2 provider, highlighting some of the nifty features as well as nuances and recommended settings.

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Backing Up Instapaper To DropBox or Any Other Cloud Storage

When content on cloud services starts to become useful it also starts to become vulnerable ie. what happens if the service went down or you lost it ? To this end, one of the features that Storage Made Easy provides for Personal, Business, of its service is the ability to backup and/or migrate data from one Cloud Service to another.

The purpose of this post is to demonstrate how data from the InstaPaper service can be be backed up.

First ensure that the account is a personal cloud or business cloud account and choose the Cloud Migration from the right sidebar after logging into the account from the web:

Cloud Migration Assistant

Next choose the Instapaper service from the import section of the Migration Assistant:

Instapaper Backup


This will launch the import wizard and the first steps are to enter the Instapaper username and password for the account (note that it needs to be a premium Instapaper account).

Import Instapaper

The next step in the wizard is to select the folder where you wish the Instapaper data to be backed up (note you can also create a new folder in the selected destination). This can be within any cloud account that has been added to the SME service.

instapaper migration

Now the import can be named and started:

Instapaper Backup task


Once the task has started it can be monitored from the SME Cloud Tasks DashBoard:

Cloud Sync Tasks


Once done the content of each folder within Instapaper is backed up and accessible from the cloud location you defined earlier.

Instapaper Backed up


The content is simply a HTML file containing the title,description and link of the separate entries for each content folder in Instapaper.

Instapaper items backed up


This completes the Instapaper Backup overview.


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How to make sure your Cloud data does not disappear overnight

If you you’ve been following the IT news recently you probably saw the issue that users recently had with GMail. If not you can read more about it here. Imagine one morning firing up your Android phone or laptop and finding your data was gone!

Of course, this does not just affect email systems. It can affect any cloud service you store data with. Carbonite was another high profile example of data loss, and of course there are many others, and no doubt there will be many more.

So what can you do to prevent such loss? Well, you can backup! Exactly like you do with your laptop. At SMEStorage all users, including free users, can backup their emails to their storage cloud of choice, as long as their email provider supports IMAP, the user can start or schedule a backup and just leave it to complete. An effective solution to a horrible problem should it ever arise.

What about you Cloud data? Well, our Personal Cloud Lifetime and business users can choose to ‘pair’ a backup cloud with a primary cloud. This will instantly schedule a sync of all existing data to a backup cloud, and it will also backup any future data uploaded, giving you total piece of mind that your Cloud data is highly available as a backup copy is stored on another cloud. this could be Amazon S3 and RackSpace for example, or MobileMe to Azure Storage, whatever combination you would like to choose!

If you primary cloud goes down or your data is not available we’ll get it from your backup cloud.

The Cloud does not have to be a dangerous place, just take sensible precautions to protect your data.

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Release of Cloud Backup Tool for S3, Google Storage, RackSpace, OpenStack and Eucalytpus Walrus

As well as updating our main site today, we also released a Windows Cloud backup / upload tool for the Amazon S3, Google Storage, and the RackSpace Cloud Files Storage platforms.

The Cloud Backup Tool also supports the Swift Storage framework as well as the Eucalyptus Walrus platform which enable users and ISP’s to implement their own private object storage cloud implementations.

We had many of our users who wanted a simple tool to upload large volumes of files from their windows desktop to clouds such as RackSpace, Google Storage and S3. They wanted such a tool to automatically check and update prior versions of files the next time they uploaded the same structure. It got to the point where we actually built such a tool for one of our customers that uses RackSpace and then we extended it for another customer that used Amazon S3. At this point we decided to broaden it to use other clouds and make it commercially available.

It is a fairly simple tool but it seems to fill a niche in that it can be used to get large volumes of files into the Cloud for these providers.

As we were getting so many requests for users who wanted to use private cloud implementations we decided to add in the support for these also, as both Walrus and Swift are basically the same API implementation as Amazon S3 and RackSpace Cloud Files with the exception of a user definable endpoint.

The Enterprise Cloud Backup tools is available to purchase from the SMEStorage website for $9.99 and works only on the Windows Operating System.

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