SME Cloud DashBoard Chrome Extension Updated

**This extension is deprecated**

We’ve updated our Chrome Cloud DashBoard. Based on user feedback we re-designed the layout with a focus on making it easier to use and dropping features that users did not use. It is available on the Chrome Extension web store.

The DashBoard can unify up to 30 Storage Clouds with a single convenient file explorer view to be able to manage files. There are many options including generating links, dragging and dropping between file stores, the ability to view documents using Google Viewer, and much more.

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New Cloud DashBoard beta

My Cloud DashboardYou may have noticed a new item on your Sidebar recently called “My  DashBoard“. This is going to be the new place where consolidate all the information about your account and your settings, and when out of beta it will replace the “My Account” link.

It has the same content as the tabs contained within ‘My Account‘ but it is contained within one dynamic screen and information can be rolled up or rolled down depending on what is needed.

Cloud File Server users have an extra beta DashBoard within their Organisation SideBar called ‘Options‘.

This details all the Organisation Options that are available for managing the Cloud File Server.

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