Enterprise File Fabric 2020 Highlights – Remote Working

During 2020  companies have had to adapt to the new-normal situation of employees working remotely.

Access to company data coupled with secure collaboration and compliance monitoring became a key requirement of a companies digital transformation strategy. To strengthen support for this new way of working the Enterprise File Fabric strengthened its core feature set.

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CloudEdit – Frictionless File Editing for Remote Workers with the File Fabric

Covid-19 has shattered the normality we are all used to. Governments and health organisations are scrambling to try and control the virus at present. To prevent the spread of infection, different countries have been restricting movement to cope with the pandemic. The main rule, work from home where you can. Only travel if absolutely necessary. Now more than ever, the importance of remote working is crucial, not only to keep your business from staying afloat, but also to protect your staff, as well as others.

One difficult challenge for companies is enabling employees to have the same experience no matter where they are, whether they are working from home, in the office, or working whilst on-the-go, and irrespective of the operating system they are using, be this Windows or Mac OSX. CloudEdit is one feature of the File Fabric than can enable employees to achieve just this.

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