SME adds Amazon RRS support with additional options for conversion

Amazon S3 Redundancy Storage (RRS) that enables customers to reduce their costs by storing non-critical, reproducible data at lower levels of redundancy than the standard storage of Amazon S3. The RRS option stores objects on multiple devices across multiple facilities, providing 400 times the durability of a typical disk drive, but does not replicate objects as many times as standard Amazon S3 storage does, and thus is even more cost effective.

We’ve now added support for Amazon RRS to our Amazon S3 cloud storage management for our customers who use Amazon S3 with their own keys through the Individual Lifetime Cloud Account.

To configure an existing S3 bucket to use RRS for new uploads go to:

My Account->Providers->Amazon S3->settings->Manage buckets/containers

Select the default storage option for any of the buckets (Standard or RRS).  If you choose ‘RRS’ from that point on any new uploaded data to that bucket will use RRS.

To convert your existing data to use RRS again go to:

My Account->Providers->Amazon S3->settings->Convert files storage type

  • Select the bucket you want to convert from the drop down list
  • Select the storage option (RRS or Standard)
  • Select all files from bucket
  • and then press convert files all the files in that bucket are converted to  the chosen storage option

If you want to convert individual files from different buckets then you can also add the files you want to convert to the cloud clipboard when in the Cloud File Manager.  When you then process the convert this will change the storage option for the files you have in the clipboard.

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