GDPR Checklist for 2021

Today, almost every aspect of our lives revolves around and is influenced by data. Various entities collect, analyse, and, more importantly, store our personal data, such as our names, home and IP addresses, and credit card numbers. This phenomenon was further confirmed by the 2020 UK Business Data Survey, which showed that 81% of businesses handle digitised personal and non-personal data from employees and customers alike. As these businesses expand, the use of data increases as well.

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2018 was they year of the data breach so what can be done ?


Third party data breaches continue at a pace even at 2018 closes, with the latest being the healthcare provider Atrium Health.

The move to Cloud is for many companies is both a blessing and a curse as it creates a potentially larger attack vector surface areas for would be hackers coupled with an increased reliance on external providers who may themselves be attacked.

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