Top 5 Multi-Cloud Data Governance Recommendations

File Fabric Data GovernancePost pandemic has resulted in a surge of cloud adoption with many companies now operating a hybrid mix and match approach to corporate data to fit in with new digital transformation approaches that encompass hybrid or remote workers.

Whereas a hybrid multi-cloud approach is best for flexibility and ROI it can increase the threat surface of data so it is key to adopt a unified policy based approach to data governance and compliance. Below are 5 key recommendations for multi-cloud data governance:

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Secure Email Sharing is Critical to Maintaining Productivity, Security and Compliance in a Hybrid Workforce

SecureEmailSharingOne of the security and productivity features that the File Fabric ships with is secure link sharing. This feature works with any of the 60+ on-premises and on-cloud storage solutions that the File Fabric supports,  including SMB file style storage and object storage solutions such as Amazon S3, Azure, Google, or other S3 compatible Object Storage such as Cloudian Hyperstore.

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How to Secure and Simplify End User Access to Amazon S3 Object Storage for Remote Workers

AmazonS3As remote working settles into becoming more and more of a reality for many companies our experience is that many companies wish to facilitate direct end user access to Amazon’s Simple Object Storage, Amazon S3.

The reasons they want to do this are:

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5 Tips for enhancing Cloud Data Security and Privacy in 2020

With employees working increasingly from home corporate IT and CISO’s are increasingly focused on how they can improve upon data security and privacy for end users. The below tips are not new but they should server as a means to focus on what may be required for organizational change in the new hybrid work culture:
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Steps to ensure CCPA Compliance for Remote or Hybrid Workers

CCPAHow Organizations treat data privacy has never been under more scrutiny and there have been various legislation changes to protect data consumers including, initially, The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and more recently the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The CCPA became law on Jan 1st 2020 becoming the  first, but unlikely to be the last,  data privacy law to be enacted in the United States. It is a state rather than federal law but it requires any company that manages the data of California citizens to comply with the CCPA terms and definitions.

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Multi-Cloud Content Discovery for Data Ownership, Data Governance and Identifying Sensitive Data

Protecting Sensitive DataWith the continuing expansion of privacy regulations, the Enterprise File Fabric’s Content Discovery engine can play a huge role in identifying and classifying sensitive data that you may have within your organization’s unstructured data sources.

In a nutshell, our Content Discovery engine analyses the textual content of your unstructured data, such as office documents, videos, images and more, and identifies and tags / classifies documents that contain information that might be sensitive to an organization.

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Using the File Fabric to Provide Security of Data Across Storage Silos With Streamed Encryption

File Fabric encryptionGDPR; CCPA; PIPEDAR, Coppa, CalOPPA, Nevada Senate Bill 220, APP, New Zealand Privacy Act, Japan’s APPI.  Privacy laws are here to stay, more are approaching, and they are becoming deeper and wider.

Every organization looking to become compliant with the existing and emerging regulations will need to perform multi-dimensional analysis of how they are handling and storing personal data.

Ensuring data, particularly sensitive data, is secured when at-rest is critically important to data security.

The Enterprise File Fabric is a hybrid multi-cloud data management platform that  provides a unified solution for data security, compliance, search and collaboration.

The Enterprise File Fabric’s FIPS certified encryption feature not only helps to ensure data is secured at-rest, but also adds an additional layer of encryption when data is stored remotely. This post explores the various encryption options that are available.

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Cloud Storage Security concerns ? Why Hybrid Cloud offers the best of both worlds

Hybrid Cloud

With the recent celebrity photo scandal fresh in the minds of companies who are either using or anticipating moving to use Cloud questions regarding security, architecture and governance are fair  ones to ask.

Without a doubt cloud computing offers advantages to companies that encompass ease of use, productivity and cost savings, however companies have concerns about if, how and where they store their sensitive data. This is where hybrid cloud can play a part.

What is Hybrid Cloud ? Hybrid Cloud essentially continues to offer businesses all the benefits associated with the public cloud whilst enabling them to continue to have choices of storing certain types of data privately.

The benefits of a hybrid cloud strategy are that it addresses the security concerns of sensitive data whilst offering a dual strategy, unlike a pure private cloud implementation.

The Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Fabric provides such a public / private hybrid cloud solution but takes it a step further in the following ways:

– The File Fabric integrates with many existing private data applications and public cloud solutions. Private data application examples are SMB, CMIS, SharePoint, FTP and NAS/SAN. Public cloud solution examples are Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Google Storage, Azure Blog Storage, Salesforce etc. The File Fabric does not force you to work with other storage or data that comes with the solution. The File Fabric is storage agnostic and it works with what data sources exist within a company.

integrate clouds

-The File Fabric offers a control point for all corporate data wherever it is stored. As  a control points Storage Made Easy can be configured to audit log all file events which can be exported as an excel file or as Syslog events for use with Business DashBoards. It also enables encrypting of sensitive files through the gateway that reside on public cloud Apps, or the choice of keeping these files entirely private behind the firewall but still accessible. GEO location tracking and restrictions are also built into the platform as is secure file sharing across all data stores enabling a common file sharing policy to be set.

Cloud Control

– The File Fabric provides a single pane of glass into all cloud services  and integrates into corporate identity management systems such asSAML,  LDAP and Active Directory. It can function as a public and private cloud data control point and can also be set to enable users to add their own consumer cloud accounts if this is a company policy, and it can track which corporate documents are moved, or shared, into a users consumer cloud account.

single pane of glass

– More effective governance is provided as the File Fabric not only provides the flexibility and security of the hybrid cloud model, it also provides a cloud control point for existing private data and public cloud data sets.



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