Version 2.11 of iSMECloud File Manager for iPad and iPhone now in App Store

The latest version of the iSMEStorage Cloud File Manager for iPhone / iPad is now in the App Store. There are a host of new features including a re-designed workflow for easier Cloud Files (and local flies) interactions, a new PDF component that supports large PDF files, and support for OpenStack and Google Sites Clouds.

The below presentation showcases the Cloud File Manager for the iPad:

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Android SMECloud File Manager update to version 2.1

We’ve updated our Android App to version 2.1 The 2.1 update is a substantial update that beefs up the features for local transfer of files from PC’s and laptops. Now users can transfer files directly from their PC over WiFi using FTP clients or a browser. This makes very easy to take files with you that you have stored locally.

The update also adds a scheduler for automation of the synchronisation of files to/from the device and one or more storage clouds. This was a must requested feature from users so we’ve managed to get it into this build.

The third major part of the update is better integration with the Android Operating System so that all upload, download, and file event notifications are visible in the Android notification taskbar.

The tighter integration with the Android OS means that you can now take advantage of SMEStorage Cloud File Manager from many other applications. This is one of the particular strengths of the Android, as is the great notification features, and we are pleased to now be taking fill advantage of these.

This tighter integration means that all downloads and uploads are now processes as tasks that show up in the Android notification bar and the users do not need to stay in the Application for the uploads or downloads to complete

SMEStorage is available from the Google Android Marketplace at:

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SME Open Cloud Platform now Supports Google Sites

We’ve been asked for a while if we would support Google Sites, the blogging and Wiki platform from Google, even though it is not a Cloud in the traditional sense. As we recently rolled out OAuth authentication support for GMail, and Google SItes also supports OAuth, we decided to bite the bullet and introduce the Google Sites Cloud into the SMEStorage Open Cloud Platform

Currently you can only sign up for Google sites via the web platform as we have not yet introduced OAuth support into our desktop and mobile clients (although it is coming soon).

To use Google Sites with SMEStorage, you can add it to your existing cloud after login by clicking the My Account link on the sidebar and choosing the Providers tab and then the add new provider link. Alternatively  you can sign up for a new account here.

After choosing to add Google Sites you will be asked to authorise access to your account for SMEStorage.

You need to enter your Google username and password with Google Sites and then choose to grant access.

After this is done SMEStorage will interrogate Google Sites and show you your site and you should click ‘continue’ to move onto the next step.

You will then be asked to synchronise the file meta-data (information about the files ie. filenames, type, size) from Google SItes with SMEStorage.

Once this is done you can go to the file manager to view your Google Sites files. The root folder of your site is read-only as the Google SItes Api does not enable you to upload files to the root.

Within the root folder you will see your site structure.

Also, you can now start to use the SMEStorage clients and services with Google Sites. For example you can use Cloud FTP to access/manage Google Sites Files. In the below example we use Cyberduck to do this.

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Using Zotero with SME and WebDav

Zotero is a firefox plug-in that is an easy to use research tool that aids in gathering, organising, and analysing sources. You can choose to store documents, notes and screenshots that you take directly with Zotero or you can choose to use another WebDav resource.

Of course SMEStorage provides CloudDav, WebDav over any Cloud we support, even if the underlying Cloud does not support WebDav. If you enable CloudDav for your SMEStorage account you can use it with Zotero as follows:

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Mac Cloud Tools released !

We are really please to announce that we have released the first version of our Mac Cloud Tools.

The cloud tools encompass:

– A virtual Cloud Drive that works within Finder

– A Desktop to Cloud folder sync utility

– Cloud Files integrated into Spotlight indexing

Unlike other silo’d storage provider SMEStorage works as an abstraction layer above over 15 storage clouds and enables users to access and manage files from all the major storage vendors.

The Cloud Tools really bring the Cloud into the Mac desktop enabling users to witch storage cloud providers by simply changing directory, and editing files becomes as easy as double clicking on the file in question from within the Cloud Drive and saving when done. We’ve also integrated file actions into the Mac Finder on right click so that, amongst other things, you can easily get a URL of a file to share, or generate an email with a file link for example.

Our desktop to folder synchronisation tools makes it easy to keep files from different clouds in sync with different desktop folders. Just drop your files into the folder and the sync tool will pick up and ensure they end up on the relevant Cloud.

Lastly, we’ve integrated spotlight to work with all the Clouds mapped to a SMEStorage Account so that when Spotlight indexes the Cloud files are also searched

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