SME now supports Google Docs !

The SMEStorage multi cloud platform now supports Google Docs as a Storage Cloud. This means you can take advantage of SMEStorage clients, tools, and additional services that are enabled when you sync your Google Docs Cloud with the SMEStorage Platform via the SMEStorage gateway. This includes

  • Windows Tools, which include Virtual Drive, Shell Integration, dedicate Cloud Explorer, integrations with MS Office and OpenOffice, Integration with MS Outlook for contacts and email backup, Sync Tools
  • Firefox Plug-In for easy uploads, downloads, management + easy sync
  • Linux & Mac Virtual drive to enable you to access your Google Docs easily
  • Mac SnowLeopard Uploader via Automater service that uploads file and copies unique link to clipboard
  • iPhone Web Client
  • Facebook file sharing
  • iGoogle Plug-In
  • and there many features in the platform which are added including encrypion of files, RSS documents feeds and more.

    We have put together a short video that shows some of the features and clients of SMEStorage working with Google docs below. After clicking play, wait 5 or 6 seconds for the video to buffer the stream:

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