Giving up MobileMe ? Don’t worry SME now supports iCloud !

Please note that since June 2017 the iCloud connector has been deprecated and the File Fabric no longer supports it

It’s taken a while but we are finally happy to let you know that we support iCloud. As MobileMe’s comes to an end and we have to retire our MobileMe Provider we’ll now be supporting iCLoud instead.

We had held off implementing iCLoud for a while as support for document’s is basically limited to .Pages, .Number and .Keynote. However we have implemented full file support in our iCloud provider. How have you done that you may ask ! Well we’ve done this by implementing a “hybrid” iCloud provider in which you can save iWork documents to the relevant locations but any other documents will be stored as file attachements in your iCloud email enabling you to make full use of your iCloud Space.

To start, first sign up for a free account at SMEStorage. Once you have your account then sign in, navigate to the Cloud DashBoard and choose to add a new Cloud Provider and choose iCloud:

Next enter your iCloud authentication details so that SME can sync the meta-data from your iCloud account.:

Once done you can choose to synchronise your files:

Once this is done then we can navigate our files in the Cloud File Manager:

Any iWork file that you upload within the Document directory of Pages, Keynote and Numbers should be available from any of the iCloud Apps. If you wish iWork files to be seen by other iCloud Apps you must put them in these folders.

Also note that you must have added some iWork files already to see these folders. If you have not they won’t be present and you’ll need to re-sync your account once you have added files.

You are free to create other Folder and upload any type of files and these files will actually reside in your iCloud email account and if you use any of the SME Cloud Access clients you will be able to download, create share links, etc for all files types within your iCloud. Note that you cannot upload files to root unless you have an active iCloud email account and have logged in at least once to this email account.

Below is an example of what is seen from an iCloud mail view when files types are stored on iCloud email.

and what these files look like in the Cloud File Manager:

iCloud is a beta provider right now and is available for all free, personal and business accounts.

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