Caught out by the Instapaper outage – easily backup articles to any cloud storage

Instapaper recently had a fairly major outage in which access to data was down and then when the service was back online, access was restricted to a limited number of articles saved before full access was resumed.

Instapaper of course is viewed as a consumer service but it is used by a surprising number of business users, myself included, for archived article access.

In my case; as much as the articles, it is the link to those articles that I do not wish to lose and I used the SME Cloud Migration service to ensure they are backed up, in my case to the Amazon S3 cloud (which I have configured to also backup to Google Nearline).

Let me step you through how easy it is to backup articles stored on Instapaper using the SME hosted service (this is also applicable to the SME enterprise solution).

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