Google Docs Cloud package changes – Interoperability between Google Docs and Zoho Docs

We have changed some of the features in our Google Docs cloud beta. Google Docs enables you to upload files of any type, but for files it supports, such as office files it can enable you to edit these in Google Docs. To enable this to occur Google converts the document and then if you want it back into a .doc format or something else it enables you to export it. However, formatting can be lost when Google converts such documents as Google does not recognise all word processing formatting. If you just store the documents as a file however then you cannot edit these documents in Google Docs. You are just using it as a storage repository.

As different users want to do different things we have enabled you to have a choice as to how you want to store your documents with Google. You can choose to convert the document when it is loaded to Google or you can choose not to. You can edit the default behaviour from:

My Account->Providers and choose the Google Docs provider.

Here you can choose to change the behaviour as to whether it converts or not. The default is that it does not.

If the document is unconverted you can edit it in Zoho Docs direct from SMEStorage and save it back unconverted to Google Docs. You can do this as many times as you wish. As it is unconverted you cannot edit it in Google Docs however.

If you choose to convert the document on upload then you will be able to edit the document in Google Docs. You will also be able to edit it in Zoho from SMEStorage. There is however one glitch or bug. You can edit it in Zoho from SMEStorage one time only. After this it can be edited in Google Docs but if you download the document from SMEStorage you are unable to open it in MS Office. You are also unable to edit it in Zoho for a second time. You can however choose to export the document to word from the Google Docs web interface and it will open in MS  Office fine. It seems this is a Google Docs API issue for documents saved to Google Docs from Zoho. We are pursuing a workaround to this which we hope to have in place early next week that will remove this issue so that there will be full interoperability between Zoho and Google even if the document is converted. Once resolved we will issue another post.

UPDATE: The above issue is now resolved and you can now have convert on for Google Docs upload and then edit documents with Zoho, and you will then be able to re-edit them in Zoho, edit them in Google Docs, and also download from SMEStorage in the correct format.

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