Sneak Preview of the iPad version of iSMEStorage

Pretty soon we’ll be launching the iPad version of  iSMEStorage and we thought we’d give you a sneak peak !

As with our iPhone app this will support Amazon S3, Google Docs,, MobileMe, Microsoft Live Mesh, Microsoft Live SkyDrive, RackSpace CloudFiles, WebDav, FTP, Gmail, Mezeo Private Cloud Storage and more.

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Lite Cloud File Manager updated

We’ve updated the Lite Cloud File Manager interface. We know lots of users use this as their entry point into using Amazon S3, RackSpace Cloud Files, Google Docs etc as it is quicker to load than the rich Ajax File Manager. The Ajax File Manager loads all the information about the cloud files into one file tree whereas the Lite File Manager only provides information for the directory structure that is currently being used.

User wanted a quicker  way to access documents across 1 or more clouds from this interface, as well as a full search capability, ability to access music across all clouds to stream music files whilst browsing, manage business groups etc.

We listened, and the interface has been totally redesigned so we hope you like it !

Cloud File Manager

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SME supports Mezeo Enterprise Cloud Storage Platform

Recently Mezeo announced themselves to the market as serious Enterprise Cloud storage provider. We have interacted with the Mezeo team to get an evaluation account so we could validate SMEStorage’s interoperability with Mezeo and we are happy to state that Mezeo works very well with SMEStorage over WebDav.

To use SMEStorage with Mezeo, you need to register for a WebDav Account and also ensure you have an account or an eval account with Mezeo. We worked with an evaluation account to test this and the WebDav endpoint for this is Your authentication details are those that Mezeo provide.

Once  you are setup you can use your Mezeo account with our Windows Cloud Explorer and Windows Tools (which include virtual drive, shell integration and Sync centre), Linux, using the Linux Cloud Drive, and Mac using the Mac Tools, as well as being able to use your account with our iSMEStorage iPhone application.


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