DropBox Cloud updated to support OAuth

We’ve just made live an update to the DropBox Cloud to support OAuth. For users who already are using DropBox you don’t need to do anything as the current API integration will continue to work, but if you wish to use OAuth then:

1. Go to ‘My DashBoard’ and choose DropBox settings.

2. At the settings page choose “remove provider” on the right. This will remove the DropBox Provider and any saved settings from your account and clean out all cache metadata.

3. Once this is done go back to the ‘My DashBoard’ page and choose to add a new DropBox provider. During the authentication process you will be asked to authorise access to DropBox.

Once this is done you can choose to sync metadata and then you will be able to access your DropBox account using SMEStorage.

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Twitter Authentication updated for file sharing

We have recently made some enhancements to our site and service and one of those was to change the way that we authenticate with Twitter for file sharing and for enabling users to receive direct messages if someone shares a file with them.

Twitter recently announced that they are turning off basic Twitter authentication and that all sites that integrate with Twitter need to use OAuth authentication.
This means that you will need to re-authenticate to use your Twitter account with SMEStorage.
To do this:
1. Log into your SMEStorage Account
2. Choose ‘App Integrations’
3. Choose to sign in with Twitter
4. Authenticate with Twitter and grant access to SMEStorage
5. Choose whether to share file links and received direct messages for files shared
6. Click ‘Save’

That’s it !

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