Top 5 Multi-Cloud Data Governance Recommendations

File Fabric Data GovernancePost pandemic has resulted in a surge of cloud adoption with many companies now operating a hybrid mix and match approach to corporate data to fit in with new digital transformation approaches that encompass hybrid or remote workers.

Whereas a hybrid multi-cloud approach is best for flexibility and ROI it can increase the threat surface of data so it is key to adopt a unified policy based approach to data governance and compliance. Below are 5 key recommendations for multi-cloud data governance:

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CISO Bulletin: Ransomware Recovery With the Enterprise File Fabric™

Ransomware is one of the most vexing issues confronting information security professionals.  Prevention is difficult, recovery is challenging for legal, ethical and practical reasons and the potential negative impact, in terms of both operations and reputation, can be enormous.  So far there is no silver bullet for ransomware but there are ways to facilitate quick and palatable recoveries.  The File Fabric’s ForeverFile feature is one such way.

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