Step-by-step guide to authenticate with the Enterprise File Fabric API using Python

Over the past week I’ve been busy creating Python scripts to automate certain processes here in the SME DevOps team.

One of my main objectives has been to create a script that interacts with the SME API to check the health of specific functions, for this task I decided to opt for the language of ‘DevOps’ Python. Whilst I do not profess to be a Python expert in any way I felt that this is a language is one that I have become accustomed too and am able to ‘get by’ with. The nice thing with Python are the extensive libraries that are readily available, and the fact that they are fairly easy to use (of course, only if you have some background experience with Python).

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SME multi cloud storage API updated to version 0.7

We have updated our multi cloud storage API manual to version 0.7. Our multi-cloud API provides a single rest based interface to access over 10 cloud providers including Amazon S3, Microsoft SkyDrive, RackSpace Cloud Files, Mobile Me, + more.

This update has now had more detailed examples added as to the request and response of each of the API functions.

All our client tools are built on this API, as is our forthcoming iPhone application which should be in the App store in January.

In January, as well as this REST based API, we will be putting on Google Code a complete library of .Net classes that provide the same API functionality but in C#.We will also release the Objective C libraries used to build the iPhone application at a later date.

SMEStorage multi-cloud API Manual 0.7

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