CISO Bulletin: Multi-Cloud Authorization With the Enterprise File Fabric™

In a recent post about authentication with the Enterprise File Fabric™  I briefly mentioned authorization and committed to a follow-up post on that topic.  This post explains how the the File Fabric’s authorization features are used to manage user access to directories and their contents on the storage that is attached to the File Fabric.  As we’ll see, the File Fabric can use the groups that are set up in  authentication system to create a unified security structure that spans all storage.  Additionally, for some resources,  the File Fabric can import and use established  user authorizations  and also allow the storage’s native access controls to govern users read and write actions.

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Multi-Cloud Shared Team Folder Document Collaboration

One of the key, powerful features of the Enterprise File Fabric is the ability for teams to simply and easy  share and collaborate on files for the projects they are working on together, whatever the underlying local or cloud storage.  This can easily be teams that are located in the same building, within the same continent or even across the planet from one another.  The best part is that while the File Fabric can power this collaboration within an organization, it can also bridge the gap and securely allow teams across companies work on the same documents.

In this post, we’ll take a look at Shared Team Folders, allowing intra-organizational teams to work on the same file sets.  Future posts will look at link and folder sharing, when you need to collaborate inter-organizationally.

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