Using the File Fabric’s Home Page feature for Employee information

Home PageOne of the lesser known features of the File Fabric is the ability to define widgets for the File Fabric home  landing page.

This enables both Admins and users to have an input into user home pages when they login to the File Fabric. This feature is available on the SaaS and Enterprise versions of the File Fabric.

The File Fabric Home Page is normally the first things a user will see, although there is a policy that File Fabric Administrators can set to make this the File Manager if they wish for a more streamlined experience, but nevertheless the home page is a great place for Administrators to add instructions for employees, shortcuts or other productivity widgets.

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Using the File Fabric to Provide Security of Data Across Storage Silos With Streamed Encryption

File Fabric encryptionGDPR; CCPA; PIPEDAR, Coppa, CalOPPA, Nevada Senate Bill 220, APP, New Zealand Privacy Act, Japan’s APPI.  Privacy laws are here to stay, more are approaching, and they are becoming deeper and wider.

Every organization looking to become compliant with the existing and emerging regulations will need to perform multi-dimensional analysis of how they are handling and storing personal data.

Ensuring data, particularly sensitive data, is secured when at-rest is critically important to data security.

The Enterprise File Fabric is a hybrid multi-cloud data management platform that  provides a unified solution for data security, compliance, search and collaboration.

The Enterprise File Fabric’s FIPS certified encryption feature not only helps to ensure data is secured at-rest, but also adds an additional layer of encryption when data is stored remotely. This post explores the various encryption options that are available.

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5 not so well known Apps to secure and protect your Android device in 2020

Android Security AppsAs smartphone devices become more sophisticated and are built to retain and interact  with all our personal /company digital information the more it makes sense to ensure that they are properly secured.

To that end below are 5 not so well known Apps, in no particular order, that you can use to achieve this:

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Enterprise File Fabric 2019 Highlights – Media Edition

In the words of Storage Made Easy’s CEO Jim Liddle: this year “we have had tremendous success in the media and entertainment space. Our customers are as diverse as one of the worlds largest global broadcasters to one of the largest Premier League football clubs. We view the media and entertainment sector as being an important vertical for us and we continue to make huge strides with our product to satisfy the use cases that we are being brought into.”

During 2019, Storage Made Easy has presented new and enhanced releases of the Enterprise File Fabric solution with a great focus on its Media and Entertainment product variant.

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Sitelink for Site Edge and ROBO (Remote and Branch office) File access

ROBO File ServicesOne of the challenges still facing many companies with more than one office, despite the advent of cloud, is that of local storage residing at each site, with each site needing on demand access to files from remote sites.

A cloud first strategy can potentially overcome this problem but there can often be good reasons that this approach does not work, such as low latency links, very sensitive files, very large files that need to be close to a desktop application etc.

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