Mac Stickies Synchronizer

Here at Storage Made Easy we use Storage Made Easy ourselves to do our day-to-day work. Sometimes our developers build their own tools using the SME REST API to aid them with how they work. One of our developers built a tool that integrates the Mac Stickies desktop Application with the SME API. Stickies is simply a visual Memo style note taking App that is available on all Mac’s.

The SME Developers tend to work on a combination of Mac’s and Linux laptops. The Mac users tend to use Stickies to keep track of things they want to remember and have to do but if they have their laptop close or unavailable they cannot get access to this data. I know they could use a myriad of to do lists but they use the Stickies for more than just to do’s and it fits with their way of working.

Stickies does not really have a formal API but To that end one of the developers wrote a small App to connect to Stickies and replicate the notes data back to a nominated folder on SME where each Sticky entry becomes a note and each sticky title becomes the title of each note. This is a one way sync replication as there is no Stickies API to go back the other way.

The folder of course can be located on any cloud that is mapped to an account. In our case we use Amazon S3.

The Stickies Application just sits in the taskbar and periodically runs the stickies one way sync.

We decided to release the Stickies App into the wild and let anyone who want to use it download and use it. Use of it is governed by our normal terms of use and we’d be happy to hear any feedback.

You can download 0.701 version SME Stickies Synchronizer here.

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