How to migrate from Ubuntu One to almost any cloud

With the upcoming demise of Ubuntu One many users are trying to figure out what to do with their files and how to migrate them. This guide illustrates how you can easily migrate your files to almost any other storage cloud.

The first thing to know is that this guide is applicable to storage made easy Personal Cloud and Business Cloud Accounts.

We will migrate files as below from an Ubuntu One account.

Ubuntu One File Manager

Step 1:

Launch the Cloud Migration Assistant from the right hand side of the web DashBoard after login.

Migrate Ubuntu One

Step 2:

Login to your Ubuntu One Cloud to enable access to your account to migrate files

migrate from Ubuntu One

Step 3:

Choose where you wish to migrate the files from Ubuntu One to. This can be any supported Cloud Storage Account that you have added to your account. In this example I simply created a folder in Storage Made Easy for these files on the SME Cloud which is hosted on Amazon S3 and comes with 5GB free for free accounts.

Import Ubuntu One

Your done !

You can monitor migration of the files by checking cloud sync tasks (available on the right sidebar from your home screen after web login).

Cloud Sync Tasks updated

When the task is finished you will be able to see it from the cloud sync tasks dashboard

Cloud Sync Completed

and you will also receive an email

file import email

on completion the files are available from the new location and visible via the SME File Manager on any of the web, desktop or mobile devices.

SME file manager

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