Installing the Storage Made Easy EFSS Cloud Appliance on OpenStack Glance

SME OpenStack

This post outlines how to install the Storage Made Easy private Enterprise File Share and Sync Cloud Appliance on OpenStack Glance infrastructure.

The SME Appliance is provide in VMWARE and OVF format by default.

To deploy the appliance without any changes you will first need to convert the appliance to qcow2 file format.

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Zimbra Briefcase now supported as a Cloud Provider via the SME Cloud Gateway Appliance

We’ve just added support for a new Cloud Provider, Zimbra briefcase. Zimbra is a groupware collaboration tools that is now owned by VMWARE.

The Briefcase was a new feature in Zimbra 5.0 and it allows users to upload files to the Zimbra Mail Store and then have access to the files anywhere they can access the Zimbra Mail Client.

In adding the Zimbra briefcase as a supported cloud Zimbra users can now get access to their briefcase from our Windows, Mac or Linux tools in which they have a native cloud drive for files access, and also from the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or Android mobile devices.

When signing up, you are able to enter your own Zimbra URL so that this solution should work with any hosted Zimbra server.

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