Enterprise File Fabric 2021 Highlights | Top 5 Features

2021 has followed in the wake of the previous year with companies still trying to adapt to the new hybrid working situation that has been presented to them. The Enterprise File Fabric™ was conceived from the beginning to address the challenges of data sprawl and multi / hybrid storage environments and its features are continually updated and strengthened to facilitate remote working and collaborating from anywhere with existing company data.

This year, these features of the Enterprise File Fabric have made it to our top 5*:

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How to Secure and Simplify End User Access to Amazon S3 Object Storage for Remote Workers

AmazonS3As remote working settles into becoming more and more of a reality for many companies our experience is that many companies wish to facilitate direct end user access to Amazon’s Simple Object Storage, Amazon S3.

The reasons they want to do this are:

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Solving the ‘Working From Home With Large Files Problem’

lockdown workingThe shift from working from an office to working from home / remotely due to the pandemic looks like it is here to stay for many companies, even post pandemic. End users have had to cope with moving from being always connected via a high speed line to SMB shares to working across consumer broadband from B2B2C file services. Prospects and customers have helped us create a pretty clear picture of the problems this has caused them and below we outline the top three things that we have been told:

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Enterprise File Fabric 2020 Highlights – Remote Working

During 2020  companies have had to adapt to the new-normal situation of employees working remotely.

Access to company data coupled with secure collaboration and compliance monitoring became a key requirement of a companies digital transformation strategy. To strengthen support for this new way of working the Enterprise File Fabric strengthened its core feature set.

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Steps to ensure CCPA Compliance for Remote or Hybrid Workers

CCPAHow Organizations treat data privacy has never been under more scrutiny and there have been various legislation changes to protect data consumers including, initially, The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and more recently the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The CCPA became law on Jan 1st 2020 becoming the  first, but unlikely to be the last,  data privacy law to be enacted in the United States. It is a state rather than federal law but it requires any company that manages the data of California citizens to comply with the CCPA terms and definitions.

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Working from Home with the Enterprise File Fabric Explained in 30 Seconds

The File Fabric is deployed  in a company’s office, data centre or can be deployed on-cloud.

The File Fabric is a software appliance so it can be deployed using VMWARE, Hyper-V, KVM, as an AMI or can be provisioned directly from the Google Marketplace, Amazon Marketplace or Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

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